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Hawg View

Designed by CAS Pilots for the entire CAS team. Integration is essentail to CAS. With Hawg View, mission planning takes less time, allows you to share scenarios, CONOPs, and GRGs with the entire team. As a web based mission planning tool, you can mission plan at home, while teleworking, and use it as a visual aid for flight briefs and debriefs

Transitioning from version 1

For users of Hawg Ops Version 1, you can translate your saved scenarios to a version 2 scenario. Log in to your account. At the following screen you will see a button to download your v2 scenario.


  • 01 December 2020 - Users will not be able to save new version 1 scenarios
  • 14 December 2020 - Users will only be able to download scenarios as version 2
  • 01 January 2021 - Version 1 will be removed


If a scenario is rather old, it may be out of date. You can tell this is the case either by an error screen when downloading the version 2 scenario or if you attempt to load it in version 1 and get a pop up message. In either case, this can be remedied by loading the scenario and re-saving it to your account. Once you have accomplished that you will be able to download the version 2 scenario to your computer.

If you notice something is strange about your version 2 scenario (e.g. missing items, items changed, etc...) please let me know and I will do what I can to assist you. When emailing me, please attach the downloaded version to the email.

Current Version

Hawg View Version can be found by hovering over Hawg View in the Navigation Bar