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Keyboard Shortcuts

In order to provide an easier way to navigate through the site, certain keyboard shortcuts have been added

Keystroke Action
Esc Close shape, exit tool
Ctrl+1 Toggle Analysis Tool
Ctrl+2 Toggle Building Label Tool
Ctrl+3 Toggle Kinetic Point Tool
Ctrl+4 Toggle Line Tool
Ctrl+5 Toggle Circle Tool
Ctrl+6 Toggle Rectangle Tool
Ctrl+7 Toggle Polygon Tool
Ctrl+8 Toggle Ellipse Tool
Ctrl+, Reset Marker Size to default
Ctrl+. Reset Map Brightness to default
Ctrl+G Toggle Map Grayscale
Ctrl+D Download scenario
Ctrl+O Load scenario
Ctrl+S Save the scenario
Ctrl+L Toggle Marker Labels
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+[ Decrease marker size
Ctrl+] Increase marker size
Shift+Esc Clear all markers
Shift+- Decrease zoom substantially
Shift++ Increase zoom substantially
Shift+[ Decrease map brightness
Shift+] Increase map brightness