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Marker List

Marker List

The marker list provides an easy way to view information about all the markers that have been placed on the map. Users will be able to view the marker, its name, echelon size (as applicable), location (MGRS & Lat Long), elevation, and any 9-Line or 15-Line data (as applicable)

Marker List with anchor and sardot

Bullseye markers that have been designated as the anchor point or the SARDOT will have a special icon next to the name designating them with their special role.

Center Map

Users can click on the Center Map icon to close the Marker List and center the map on the icon

Edit and Delete Marker

Next to the Center Map icon is an icon to edit and to delete the marker. This provides a fast way to edit and delete the marker

Marker Data

If the marker has any data associated with it, a paperclip icon will be present. Clicking on the marker item will display all the data


Clicking the print icon will print the list in a printer friendly format. This will remove the Center Map and Data icons and automatically expand all 9-Line and 15-Line data