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Marker Drawer

Marker Drawer

Once the user has designated a coordinate to place a marker, click on the marker to add it to the map.

Marker Title

Marker Title Field

Input a label to be added to the marker. If nothing is added, then the default label will be used (the type of marker that it is).

Marker Attributes

Marker Attributes

Use the dropdown menus to select the affiliation of the markers. Additionally, you can now select the echelon size of the markers.

Persistent markers

Persistent Markers

These markers will always be able to be added to the map whether the user has selected friendly or hostile. Adding a Threat will create a default custom threat and the Threat Drawer in order to modify the threat properties.

Adding a Map Label will add the label to the map at the desired location.

Map label behavior

If a label is not input into the Marker Label field prior to clicking the Map Label button, then the default will be Label. This can then be modified at a later time.

Marker Data

Hostile markers, Threats, and Survivors are capable of holding data values for 9-line and 15-line information.

Editing Marker

Markers can be edited by clicking the marker on the map, and clicking the Edit button. The user can then change the position of the marker, the title, add data to the marker, and modify marker information.

Special Markers


Bullseye Marker

Adding the bullseye marker will create a bullseye with default properties at the given position. Users can modify bullseye properties by editing the marker. Users can also disable the Show Data attribte which will prevent the radial/DME tooltips from being rendered.

Default bullseye properties

The Default values for the bullseye are:

Number of rings: 5

Miles between rings: 20NM

Angle between radials: 45 degrees


Field Artillery markers (to include MRLS, Rockets, Mortars, FA Survey, and FA Meteorological Units) will, by default, render a 2km x 2km dashed PAA container around the marker. It will be colored appropriate to the sovereignty of the marker. Users can disable the Display PAA property by editing the marker.