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Shape Drawer

Shape Properties

The drawer automatically opens when users create shapes using the utility tools. Here, users can edit properties of the shape.

Shape Label

Use this field to modify the title of the shape. The title is displayed when the marker labels are enabled or when clicking on the shape.


Users can switch between MGRS and Lat/Lng for the position of the threat. They can then modify the position of the threat and elevation.

Radius (Circles Only)

Edit the radius of the circle. The number is automatically converted according to the selected unit

Radius Unit (Circles Only)

Edit the unit the circle uses for the radius. Options are Nautical Miles, kilometers, and meters (default)

Length (Ellipses Only)

Edits the half length of the ellipse (In Nautical Miles only)

Width (Ellipses Only)

Edits the half width of the ellipse (In Nautical Miles only)

Tilt (Ellipses Only)

Edits the tilt of the ellipse (Negative numbers tilt the ellipse counter clockwise, positive tilts the ellipse clockwise)

Fill Color

Defaults to False, toggle the switch to enable the fill of closed shapes. Users can select the color from a palette or manually enter Hex and RGB values


Defaults to False, toggle the switch to change the shape outline from solid to dashed

Dash Array

Users can select from a variety of different dashes. There is also a text field to customize the dash pattern. The field uses a comma or space separated length and percentage that specifies the lengths of alternating dashes and gaps. If an odd number of values is provided, the list is repeated twice to yield an even number of values.