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Threat Drawer

Threat Drawer

The threat drawer is automatically opened when creating a threat. It can also be opened by editing the threat at a later time.

Marker Title

This is the title of the threat. When using a custom threat it defaults to a blank label. When selecting the threat type it will default to the number of the system. This will be displayed in the center of the threat ring, when marker labels are enabled, and when clicking on the threat itself.

Threat Type

A predetermined list of threat systems

Unclassified range values

Due to the unclassified nature of Hawg View, values for threat systems are derived from an unclassified source.


A field for the user to modify the range of custom threat. This is disabeld when a threat preset is used.


Users can modify the unit used for the range of the threat. This is disabled when a threat preset is used.


Users can modify the sovereignty of the threat between Hostile, Suspect, Unknown, or Friendly. New threats default to Hostile sovereignty. Changing the sovereignty will default the color to the resepective color: Hostile: red, Suspect: yellow, Unknown: white, and Friendly: green.


Users can switch between MGRS and Lat/Lng for the position of the threat. They can then modify the position of the threat and elevation. When modifying any of the location values, and selecting a different item, the elevation will automatically be updated.


Users can manually enter an elevation for the location.


Users can override the default color for a threat. This will be reflected by both the range ring and the inner label.


Users can select to fill the range ring with a color and select the fill color.


Threats default to a dashed ring, however, users can select to display a solid ring instead.

9 Line

Users can add 9-line data to the threat