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Screen Layout

Hawg View map

Map Components

The site is comprised of five primary components

Classification Banner

Classification Banner

Located at the top of each page, the classification banner is dynamic and shows the user the current classification of the site.



Located below the classification banner, the toolbar contains the primary functions to manipulate the map. These include:

  1. Coordinate search
  2. Adding markers
  3. Undo / Redo actions
  4. Clear the map
  5. Change marker Sizes
  6. Change map brightness
  7. Toggle map color
  8. View list of markers
  9. Toggle marker labels
  10. Save / Load scenario
  11. Edit styles
  12. Download a Google Earth .kml file of the scenario

Site Menu Button

Layers are now located under the Site Menu. This can be opened by clicking on the site menu button. The site menu also includes helpful links such as contact, wiki, notifications, and more.

Site Menu

Basemap Layers

Only one basemap layer can be selected at a time

ESRI Imagery Firefly

Firefly imagery is desaturated, making it easier to view. Additionally, it is typically more up to date imagery

ESRI Imagery Clarity

Clarity imagery is a standard imagery basemap layer

Overlay Layers

Each of the overlay layers can be toggled on and off by the user by switching the overlay on and off

Overlay layering

Overlays are stacked onto the map. This means if you turn off a layer and then turn it back on, it may end up covering another overlay. This can be seen if the MOA overlays are turned off and then back on, the MOA boundaries can cover Restricted Area boundaries. This can be rectified by then turning the Restricted Area boundaries off and on again.

Zoom Control

Zoom Control

The zoom control is located below the layer control. The user can zoom the map in multiple ways: 1. Utilizing the zoom control 1. Using mouse scroll 1. Double clicking the map

Selecting the zoom area

If you hold shift and click and drag on the map, you can select the area to zoom to. The map will then zoom to the appropriate level to fill the screen with the container created.

Utility Tools

Utility Tools

The utility tools are located below the zoom control. They can be toggled by clicking on the tool to activate it. Only one tool can be active at one time.