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TGP View


Marker TGP View

When creating a marker, the TGP View button will open a new page linking to TronView 3D Map. From there, users will see an overall view of the terrain of the target area, similar to looking out the canopy. Additionally, the user will see a visualization of what they can expect to see in their Targeting Pod.

Marker with 9-Line

9-Line TGP View

When a user adds a 9-Line to their hostile or threat marker, line 2 (Heading) and line 3 (Distance) values will be used to preposition the view at the appropriate heading and distance.

TGP View


At the top of the page, the user has options to change the ground range from the SPI (Target), the slant range from SPI, Altitude (Thousands of Feed MSL), Targeting Pod Field of View, Zoom, and Heading (Degrees Magnetic).

At the center of the page is a small red dot representing the exact location the target is at.

At the bottom right of the page is the TGP generated image with North Arrow, Parameters, and a button to save a snipped image of the target area.


TRON has done an incredible job and invested countless hours into the work calculating the geometry that is needed to make this capability a reality. I can't thank him enough for allowing me to link Hawg View into this interface and bringing this fantastic capability to Hawg pilot mission planning.